Monday, June 04, 2012

'12 Bearscat50 rumblings

Photo: Jocelyn

James Harmon took the singlespeed win. (Congrats James!) I did everything I could in an attempt to climb back onto the podium after three flat tires but 4th place had my name on it. My legs still had something left but my flat tires cost me too much time.

There are good days and there are so-so days. This is one of those days where mechanical issues caught up to me. All in all I have to say it was a great day though because we all shared similar experiences and were riding well for the terrain and conditions. Another day on the bicycle...

Some stats:
~ Pulled a big gap on the field on lap one while fighting hard (harder than I should have) to get around the 45+ field that was choking the rocky singletrack.
~ 3/4 of the way through the first lap I dented my rear rim on a rock so bad that my tire bead lost its seal.
~ A few miles further into the first lap my tire finally gave way but I had no more CO2 for my tube.
~ Ran a mile or two on the first lap until a kind racer let me borrow their pump.
~ Rode strong on the 2nd lap and thought I could pull James back but....
~ Another flat tire with about 10 miles to go (pinched the tube).
~ hail and torrential rains greeted my flat tire.
~ five bottles consumed, three of which were eletrolytes and two of which were perpetuem. Also used a flask of gel.

My pre-ride of the course on Saturday. I rode one lap we had to do two laps in the race.

More to come....


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