Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the Singlespeed USA

Singlespeed USA is coming up at ludicrous speeds. This coming weekend to be exact!

This year the festivities will take place in Northern Vermont in a ski town called Stowe (not the 'e'). Five Hills Bikes / Bike29 is the host and George has put together some mighty fine singletrack that is in essence, 'East Coast'.

Dicky is coming up with excuses not to be in Vermont. I am hoping this is all a hoax and he's actually en-route with Muddiman or the O'Deas. Shit, even Missouri Miller will be there complete with his staf infection. Thom ParSSons is on the other side of the country delivering Iglehart his automobile and will still find a way to be in VT in two days. Word has it even Garth will make an appearance and he doesn't even own a singlespeed.

Details of the main event on Saturday are here.

Went out on a ride today. Hardest ride I've done in probably a month.
Strava says I did well but I definitely was hurting a bit. This weekend is going to hurt me but we'll still have fun.

See you this weekend!


Blogger wcrissman said...

Let's do this! Yahoo!

7/26/2012 10:11 AM  
Blogger SaSaSandie said...

SSUSA is going to be awesome. I'm focusing my efforts Saturday on the 40 chugging contest. I know my strengths!

7/26/2012 1:09 PM  

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