Saturday, August 04, 2012

on our way to the DH40 / more SSUSA

My plan was to ride out to NY to race the Darkhorse 40 and then ride home. Just like the theme I envisioned for this season.

Well, plans are plans. Sometimes they don't go as planned.

Big Brother kicked my ass this week. I felt great on my Wednesday mountain bike ride but Thursday and Friday put me over the edge. I barely had enough energy to ride a short 1hour ride Friday night so I decided not to ride to NY.

It sucks but my body is telling me no. The extreme humidity and heat does not help either. I do not do well when the humidity climbs. Makes me wonder why I live in New England?

It sucks even more because I had a great plan this time too. With Ginger racing DH40 in the duo category with George and the two of us staying out in NY tonight, I was going to have her bring all my gear and my mountain bike. I would then ride out there on my singlespeed cyclocross bike with just two bottles and food. Basically a 100mile point to point bike ride rather than a loop. I was excited to go for a long bike ride. I like point to point road rides. It gives you an objective. We'll have to save this idea for next time.

The good news is that Ginger is riding strong so she'll have a good time at the DH40 on Sunday. We'll see how I fare. Looking at it as a 40 mile bike ride rather than a race.

So, alas, we are driving over to NY today and driving home on Sunday after the race. I still took Monday off from work but I will most likely be catching up on the many open ended chores around the house that I can't seem to finish due to the hours I have been working..

Found some photos from SSUSA I took.
First turn.
We were definitely in Vermont...
Yes Please.
Vermont is beautiful in the summer (amongst all other seasons).
Kick Ass descent!
Dejay cooks a mean turkey burger.

See you tomorrow. We're going to have a nice bike 'ride'.


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