Monday, April 08, 2013

decisions. decisions.

Busy weekend.

Started off with putting my foot back in the 100miler mountain bike race ring Friday night.
Good old fashioned Snail-Mail. After all, the last time I did one of these things we didn't have anything like the internet. Oh wait, it was only 2008.

I have no idea what I am thinking but why not ride your bike in the woods for 100miles with a bunch of friends?

Saturday. Labored over a friend's Audi changing the timing belt and a few other maintenance items.

Sunday. Hop Brook Dam mtb race. Last year I rode out there testing the trailer set-up. I wanted to ride out there on my singlespeed CX bike but never made it. Our day started off with Taxes. ugh. I hate doing taxes. Then the sun finally came out and took some edge off to the crazy wind that was blowing. I swapped the summer tires onto all of our cars and then went for a mtb ride. 2 hours at Case on the full suspension singlespeed. Added some more air in the shocks and now am no longer bottoming them out but still getting 99% of the travel out of them. Sweet.

Also started thinking about what tires to run for the Ronde next weekend.
Kenda Kozmik Lite II
WTB Nano
Bontrager 29-0
Geax Barro Race

I ran the Bontragers last year. Flatted on them (they are a super light tire). I used the Nano's to ride out to Stewart for the SSAP last year. Thinking about the Nanos or Barros.

Also debating on a 65.7inch gear instead of the 61.6inch gear I used last year. (That's 34x15 instead of 34x16.) Already coming into this with a handicap of not riding or doing anything this winter. Why not make things more difficult with a bigger gear?

So, gotta figure out those two problems out this week as well as mail T-Hom a USPS Priority box of gear so I can go even lighter than last year (basically just carry food and a jacket instead of all the gear I need for the weekend).


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