Saturday, April 13, 2013

next stop: Wreck-Tham

Hopping on my bicycle in a few minutes. This is a difficult feat as my body is worn out from another week's worth of stressful meetings. Add in how the rainstorm we just had has been wreaking havoc on my right ankle and left knee thanks to the low pressure. Its also sub 40F right now.

I keep telling myself, once I get 10 or 20 miles in I'll warm up and so will the air. The sun should also come out. Tomorrow is also going to be a ton of fun.

View hartford - wrentham 2013 in a larger map

Trying a slightly different route from last year. Brendan gave it to me. Shaved off 5 to 8 miles from last year's route. Think I added climbs but my bike is lighter since I mailed all my gear out to T-hom.


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