Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ronde pt1

This past Saturday I hopped on the bike to make my way across Connecticut and over to Wrentham MA. The plan was to log some 93miles to Thom's house and then do the 60ish mile Ronde 'race' on Sunday and ride home. I did this last year and wanted to do it again.

Given I have not logged too many miles this year and have been recovering from a broken leg in October I felt this was going to be a significant challenge but a challenge worth accepting.

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This year I tried a different route. I was excited to ride something different.
30 miles into the ride I realized this new route went right through the hills of eastern CT. While this route was 8 to 10 miles shorter than last year's route it wasn't as flat.

I opted to keep on going no matter how much it would kill me. Some of the steeper climbs on back roads I actually got off the bike and walked some to reduce energy consumption.
Despite the hilly terrain the views and ride were beautiful. I also got to first hand experience a part of CT we are looking to move to next year.
While in NE CT I found some dirt roads that I rode a few years ago. It was a great change of scenery.
Nope. CT still.

Given the rural area I was riding through I did have a long way to go without refilling my water bottles and stopping for lunch. In fact, I finally got to refill my two bottles about 60 miles into the ride when I got into MA.

This took quite a bit of the wind out of my sails but once I had a foot long tuna sub in me I kept on going.

Not too long later I rolled into Thom's driveway. 93miles for the day and I was a bit tired but nothing some rest wouldn't cure.

Got cleaned up, Put some more food in me and relaxed a bit before Maggs and Whittingham arrived.


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