Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb 11, 2014

January 1, 2014 marked the beginning of the year 2014 for my beautiful wife. She started her own business.

The beginning of the year 2014 did not begin for myself until today, February 11th. It has been a long cold winter here in New England this year and between the stress at work and everything else going on in life I have been slowly withering away as I quickly approach the beginning of the 35th year of my life.
We all have our dark places. I found mine this winter.

Most people gain weight in the winter. I've lost weight.

Most people try to find some form of exercise to pass the time in the winter. I've refrained and have been focused on wrapping up all kinds of remodeling projects around our West Hartford house.

This failure to take care of one's self adds up to old injuries coming back to to haunt with vengance.

And here we are; Feb 11, 2014. I had a productive 10.5hr day in the office. Sitting in traffic coming home from work someone decided to swipe the front of my car in the middle of the Hartford Tunnel (escaped unscathed) only to find me spend the next 25mins trying to navigate 4 miles of traffic to our house while daydreaming that I need to HTFU and ride my bike the 10 miles to work no matter how cold it is. (even if I am scared shitless of the traffic on the now narrow snow-covered roads) Enter the house and Ginger forces me to drop everything and head out to a yoga class.

First yoga class in over 6 months. The residual glute muscle aches from my new sciatica in my right leg hurt but I slowly pushed through it. Let my mind wander to far off places and then come back later in class. Man that felt good.

I feel alive again!

And so begins my year for 2014. Chin is finally up and going to get this diesel train moving. Should be at full speed later this summer.

We are going to have some fun this year and can not wait for the snow to start melting. Lots of big things in the works including a new house for us in a new part of Connecticut. A new locale to explore on our bikes. Offroad New England bikepacking rides. Long journeys across the state on our singlespeed mountain bikes. Mazzawy rides into the strange and far corners of our state exploring the unknown. Plans to write more both here and for good friends.

Racing? What is that? We do not plan on doing much racing this year. You may see me at a few races but we sure as hell won't be there to win but more to have fun and open up some more eyes on what we can do on bicycles.

(Listening to some Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry on Pandora's 'Chuck Ragan Radio')


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