Thursday, September 17, 2009


That's Right. This weekend is the SingleSpeed Mountain Bike World Championships out in Durango CO, USA. All the kool kids will be there. What about you?

Remember this? January 20, 2009 to be exact. I mailed in my spoke card and the best artwork an Engineer can muster. Chainsaw was nice enough to hand me that spoke card during last year's event.

What about me? Looks like I am one of these guys

Yup, I had to bail a few months ago. A very close friend of mine called me up and was telling me about her wedding. When we got down to logistics, and the Durango guys finally settled on a date, I quickly realized I can not be in two ends of our country at once. Quick thinking prompted me to ask her to move the wedding to Colorado. We're all outdoor fans. Last CO wedding I went to in 2003 was some of the best mountain biking I have ever done (read: Crested Butte, CO). No dice. I was shot down. booo.

An ultimatum was given too. 1) attend the wedding and continue a great friendship or B) go to Durango and lose a very close friend for [most likely] the rest of my life. Damn!

Bye Bye Durango. I am off to Pennsylvania for the weekend instead. I can always go to CO and ride the trails in and around Durango. Know enough friends out there to make it a gas.

I am not out of crazied World Championships. My good friend Matt from GhostShip Clothing threw out an idea that actually sounds very feasible. SSCXWC09 (SingleSpeed Cyclocross World Championships) in Portland Oregon in early November. Now, I am not much of a cyclocross racer but my Vicious 29er is in cyclocross trim right now. In fact, its fixed thanks to my friend Tomi over at TomiCogs. Hmmm... Fixed, and brakeless... in Oregon with all the chaos that ensues? Hmmm.. Sounds very promising. We'll see how October goes.

Those in Durango.. Have fun! I am looking forward to reading about everyone's stories!