Sunday, January 06, 2008

making turns, 29er, SSWC08

FINALLY got to get out on the snow and make some turns. Rode Stratton today. Temps in the upper 30s and the snow was perfect. 2nd day in my new boots and the footbeds are garbage. My arches were flat all day. It hurt like no other but I mustered on. By mid-day it felt as if I was just out snowboarding yesterday.

Finally perfected my backside 180s to compliment my frontside 180s. Got props for my switch riding. Its as fluent as regular now. Gotta work on my switch ollies now and bigger ollies into my 180s mid-trail and off natural rollers.

Saw this quarterpipe box from the lift in one of the parks. Probably 6ft tall. I thought of nose-pressing up the transition to a stall (nose) on the coping. Then ollie and ride down the backside (snow pack). Somehow I managed to do it all in one swift act. My buddies said it looked super clean and I was stoked to be able to accomplish it and lay in a huge nose-press.

Great first day on the snow!

In bike related news...

29er Motivator SS is coming back together. Got some new stuff in the works (XTR cranks and mission control from Seven). My secret weapon is still top secret. Need to do some more research to make sure it'll work.

SSWC08 registration has been submitted. Just awaiting my fate like everyone else out there. It is what it is.


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