Thursday, January 03, 2008

there are many ways to go fast

Had a good holiday break from work. Relaxed in New Jersey and did pretty much nothing. It was great to continue to rest.

I still have yet to go snowboarding this winter. Strange for I've historically had many days on the snow prior to January 1st. Guess life is different when you have to pay for a lift ticket as oppose to holding a season pass like in years past. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend. Its either go snowboarding or work on the house. Hmm...

Prior to the holidays I did help a friend of mine get his lift installed in his garage. Here's a shot of my car on the lift. Life just got so much easier to work on my car.

While resting in New Jersey, the AVant went through its big go-fast transformation. Off came the stock turbocharger and such. On went a much bigger turbocharger and free flowing exhaust. Stock power was rated at 100awhp (all wheel horsepower) which seemed kind of low. I was expecting 130awhp knowing its 170hp at the crank and the all-wheel-drive system has shown around 22-28% power loss to the wheels. Currently we're at 240awhp which is reading low. On the street it feels much more powerful than that. Going back to the shop on the 26th for some more software tweaking and more dyno time. That 240 number will only go up from here :)


Blogger Andy said...

hey now, don't go wasting all of your bike money on speeding tickets :)

1/04/2008 10:57 AM  

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