Saturday, November 24, 2007

San Jose - rush hour

The end of day one..

After everything was cleaned up and I had my first helping of some food, TimmyD and I hitched a ride with Jorge and the gang into San Jose. Tim and I would be staying at the Best Western in San Jose that evening. It seemed like a good idea to skip the shuttle and leave early (3pm) but that quickly changed.

San Jose rush hour begins around 3pm and continues through around 8pm. If you thought New York City (or even Hartford CT, for that matter) rush hour traffic was bad. Think twice. San Jose is in pure gridlock between these hours. It appeared to be one big free-for-all. "Costa Rican Time" also kicked in with our hosts.

I'll leave out the details but after a few trips across the city we settled in on a great restaurant (5 of 6pm) for meal/dinner number two. More good rice & beans, fish and a very salty bean soup and a Coca-Cola. Yum!

Sometime later we're back in the hotel. My back is killing me. Guess I should have stood up on those climbs today. 200mg of Celebrex, a towel rolled up and placed under my back (artificial lumbar support while sleeping) and I'm asleep sometime around 9pm.


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