Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Costa Rica.... rest and enjoyment prior to La Ruta

Tim´s friend Jorge and his family have been gracious enough to host us for a few days leading up to La Ruta. So far it has been a blast and I´m quickly picking up some Spanish.

Why not start our trip off right with some FRESH coffee thanks to Jorge´s wife.

The man himself.

Tuesday morning we went for a casual ride across San Ramon over to the local swimming hole. Its winter down here so the pool was closed but they still let us take a swim. Beautiful area. It was a constant up and down. A great way to see whats in store for the remainder of the week. So far I´m liking my 32x22 gear choice as much as everyone thinks Tim and I are ´loco´ for riding singlespeeds. Its funny to see everyone´s reactions when they see our bikes.

Tim and Jorge´s brother

Jorge´s brother, Tim and Jorge riding through San Ramon. Gotta love Jorge´s shirt. The front says ´Singlespeed´ and the back says ´Have you seen my class?´. A gift from Topher when he visited last year.

Tomorrow, wednesday, the games begin!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope your having a great time in Costa Rica! Sounds like a blast! Good luck on the race! Can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving! Enjoy yourself!


11/15/2007 4:06 AM  
Anonymous CB2 said...

Congratulations on completion of and your 51st place overall. Please post a report on the 29'er board; I'm sure everyone is interested in all the muddy details!

11/18/2007 1:40 PM  

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