Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Received a phone call mid-morning on Sunday from Matt. "Hey, want to head down to NYC to check out the MASH premier?". Hmm.. "Sure". 45mins later my track bike and I are in the car heading down to Matt's so we can cruise down to New Haven, join Drew and catch the 1pm train. Nothing like spending an afternoon riding through the streets of Manhattan on a fixed gear and then ending the day with a long-awaited premier of the San Francisco track bike DVD titled "MASH SF".

While on the train I figured out how rig my helmet cam onto my helmet (video to come shortly). A short 2hr train ride later and
we're in Grand Central. First order of business was some food. We found that somewhere in the 'village. Next up was Brooklyn Banks to catch the end of the alleycat and watch a track bike stunt competition.

This guy was killing it aboard the latest Brooklyn Machine Works 'gangsta' track bike.

One-Handed Wheelie up the banks

This one is mid-540.

Afterwards we checked out the DVD premier for MASH SF. Here's a teaser trailer:

Here are my photos.

Here are Matt's photos.


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