Friday, May 04, 2007


Messed around with tires this week. That's right. Maxxis finally had their 29rs available on their website late last week so I ordered up a set of Ignitors and scored two Stan's rim strips off of FleBay.

First off, I have to give props to Maxxis. I have never ridden a better tire. No matter the conditions they hook up when needed and corner SO well. I had some trouble cornering with the WTBs the past few months. They didn't hold their line and had a tendency to slide out. Got about 4 hours on my Ignitors this week and I now remember how much fun it is to lay into a turn brakeless and let the tires take you. They hold dead nuts on!

So, Tuesday night I pulled the WTBs off and along with.... my ghetto rim strip. Left the Velox tape and put the Stan's strips on. Watched his installation videos again for the proper way to install and seat a tire. Then installed the Ignitors. It took me a fraction of the time after watching Stan's videos. (Should have done that last week)

Wednesday night ride. South Glastonbury.... Front tire lost about 15psi over Tuesday night so I pumped it back up. Back tire was dead nuts on 38psi. Rode two hours. Did a lot of climbing and lots of tech trails. Felt good but wasn't really pushing hard. Didn't want to hurt the knee or kill myself prior to this weekend. Tires worked flawlessly.

Earlier this evening. West Harford Reservoir.... Both tires prior to the ride were still at 38psi from yesterday. Flipping awesome! Looks like I got the sealant all dispersed and we're now holding air. 30mins into my ride I hear a hissing sound. Damn. How did I pop the bead? Upon further inspection I had a pinhole in my front tire sidewall. Why isn't Stan's sealing? Took the tire off and spun it a bit off axis to recoat the sidewalls with the sealant inside the tire. Now I saw sealant coming through and she sealed all up in seconds. Sa-weet! Off to continue the ride.

My intention was to ride easy today but wound up pushing myself for about 20min stretch. On the West side of the reservoir there's some good climbing so I figured I'd do it but go easy (and I originally chose the direction around the reservoir that's harder. yeah. 'easy tonight'). This one trail I take goes across an underground natural gas line. It follows the gas line for about 100-200 ft and then ducks into the woods on the other side. This section has some fairly large 'crushed gravel'. Probably 1inch to 3 or 4 inch diameter. Pitch is mellow (can ride seated but standing is preferred) but kicks up pretty steep for the last 30ft (a real bear with near 2:1). Last month I couldn't ride the steep part. My goal tonight was to ride more of it. Here goes nothing. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Back tire loses traction a bit. Shift weight back. Still out of the saddle. Regain traction. Carry on. Couple more VERY slow pedal strokes and now its getting tough. Veins in my arms are bulging and my legs are throbbing. WoW. I'm a few short feet from the top. No way! Keep going! Almost there! Knee is okay so push it! Next thing I know I crested the steep part. Flipping Sa-weet! I can't believe I just did that. Where did all that strength come from? Dunno but I think its a good sign for Michaux this weekend. (mental note. get a photo of the trail next time I'm out)

Carried on the ride fairly mellow once my heart rate dropped and my arms felt better from that point on. Tires held up beautifully. I had a blast. Looks like the 29er is all set for this weekend.

Goodnight. I need some rest.


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