Thursday, May 03, 2007

29er myths

Myth of increased effort to get the larger wheels rolling:

I've found only one disadvantage of a 29er singlespeed over a 26r. Really steep terrain. Terrain where your cadence drops to almost non-existent and somehow you just push through it to get another pedal stroke.

On the 26r you don't really notice the point at which you can't turn the cranks until the terrain gets super steep. On the 29er I've found you notice this point much sooner than on the 26r. My thoughts are you've got more momentum to keep going with the larger wheels. Once this momentum is lost it is very difficult to regain. Throw in an uphill battle and things are magnified. Critics and riders alike say this phenomena is big deal, but under typical starting from a standstill (ie: somewhat flat terrain). I, on the other hand, haven't really noticed it much on flatter terrain. I have noticed it on the steep stuff, hence this post.

Conclusion thus far (after riding a 29er for a few short months):

Say what you will but I haven't found any reasons to go back to 26inches. The 29er rides very well and feels like a 26inch bike except it rolls over so much more terrain (easier).

Bottom line is I feel good and feel like I'm riding much faster than in years past on my 29er (even going to a rigid fork). I contribute it partially to the bike. Now go out and get yourself a 29er. You won't regret it.


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