Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Spent last weekend in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Hung out with some good friends. Played around with the new camera. Omega got to sniff some butts at one of the dog parks. Saw a ton of fixed gears. Even found (accidentally) where NYC Bikes holds shop. Weather was great.

Little did I realize a NorEaster was coming on Sunday. It rained so much. Central Park got close to 8inches of rain. Every road I turned down on my way home was closed due to flooding.

If you make it to the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn I highly suggest you stop by NYC Bikes and say hello. I stopped in to pick up a 17t cog for my track bike and shot the shit with them for a while. Great people. Great store. Great prices.

Who's mug is this?

Back to more bike stuff. Got the Cohutta 100 coming up this weekend. First race of the season (yes. crazy me feels I can start the season off by racing a 100miler without any previous races to shake out the legs). Last couple weeks have been heavy training. Left knee has been feeling good. Guess my own therapy program is working. I also started professional therapy a few weeks ago. Not sure if it is helping but it'll take time. I'm still convinced the program I put together will help.

So, this week I resort to wine & cheese & drugs. Oops. That was last weekend. I have noticed that my knee is
bothersome this week. What Gives??? I've been resting, taking my drugs, stretching and icing down. Must be this damn low pressure. Stupid rain. I hate rain.

We'll have to see what happens on Saturday. I'm not letting it get me down. Until then. Enjoy. I'm going to sleep.


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