Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sitting here at work I can only think that in 3 hours I'm on the road. Stopping in NJ to drop off my dog and car. Picking up my rebuilt rear brake. Then catching up with Tim and we're hitting the road to find Elk and Harlan. Thanks to a friend of his at Enterprise we've got a super deal on a rental and don't have to put the mileage on our own vehicles.

Stoppy in Blacksburg tonight to see my brother and get some rest. Then off to the road again. Mapquest says almost 13hours from NJ. Sounds about right. Should get in around noon on Friday providing plenty of time to hang out, rest, get an easy spin in and prepare for Saturday's festivies.

Took the road bike out for an easy 2hrs yesterday. Got about 7 hours of sleep last night but my body is still tired. WhY? Don't know but I do know more rest is needed. Hope Tim doesn't mind me sleeping in the car while he's driving.


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