Saturday, April 28, 2007

ghetto-fashion tubeless

Felt pretty good after Cohutta. My quads and hamstrings were tight for a few days. Nothing a good massage and some riding will fix. Rode to work on Monday. The change in gearing on my track bike is nice (went from 49x15 to 49x17). It was good to stay moving even though my legs felt heavy.

Tuesday I converted my rear 29er wheel to my ghetto tubeless system. Took a 26inch tube, cut it circumferentially and put it on the rim over top of the V
elox rim tape. 3 cups of Stan's tire sealant, good mixing of the sealant thoughout the tire and bead. Pump up to 40psi. It took some effort to get the beads to seal as I was pumping it up but patience persisted and everything sealed up. Once at pressure take an exacto knife and trim the 26inch tube up against the rim and tire. Right now I've got a kevlar bead WTB Moto-Raptor tire but have some Maxxis Ignitors (kevlar bead) on the way. Rode Wednesday on this setup and things held great. As of today its still got full pressure. Going to ride tomorrow and see how things are. If this holds then my backup Stan's rim strips will just collect dust on the shelf.

Rode to work on Thursday and Friday. Knee was a little bothersome so I layed off high resistance and iced it a lot. Things are feeling good again.

Called up Veltec Sports and have some Sidi Dominator 5s coming my way. My Dragons are stretched after 4 seasons of use and now my feet are moving from side to side. A new, and narrow, pair of shoes will fix all this... size 47 Narrow to be exact. They are going to fit like a slipper with the Superfeet insoles (helps my high arches). I've quickly become a firm believer of the proper fit. It all starts with the correct frame and trickles down to the shoes and pedals. I've noticed how much more power I can get now with less fatigue. Definitely recommend finding your way to a shop that uses the Serrotta fit system.

BKB clothing is coming middle of the month. Good stuff.


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