Thursday, January 04, 2007

Winter Training / Happenings

Usually in the winter I'm snowboarding just about every weekend. This winter has seen none of that. Instead, I've been doing an assortment of other things.

November: Took off a whole month from my last race 'till Thanksgiving from riding. The intention here was to let my knee rest and heal. Plus some good time off is necessary and key to mix things up a bit. Spent the majority of the month sanding and preparing my living room for paint. The week of Thanksgiving consisted of Tara and I painting my living room. We were able to take a day and go up to Killington which was probably my best day snowboarding thus far this season. Next day the 3rd coat of cranberry was going on the walls and then came the problems. Paint bubbling. Bubbling through all 3 layers plus the primer. Uh oh. Stop the presses. Not knowing what was going on the living room was put on hold to dry for a week or to.

The week after Thanksgiving I got back on the bike for our Wednesday night rides. It felt good to be back on the bike again. Took a bit getting used to riding at night but my HID light is my friend.

December: Continued to ride Wednesday nights. Hung up the singlespeed and decided to ride the geared full suspension since I haven't touched it since Mount Snow. What a different ride. Figured I shouldn't punish myself on the singlespeed while I'm trying to let my knee heal and rest (aka: active rest).

Continued troubleshooting my living room paint. Tried everything from stripping the walls (do not try it) to about every thing one can put on the wall to try and seal everything. Every night I was back at Lowes picking up something different to try. Turns out the answer is a coat of oil-based primer. It stinks and causes headaches but seals everything up. Knowing that I turned to painting the dining room. The thought here was that if I can get one room completely done I'd have the motivation to fix and finish the living room.

Last day of work was the 22nd. Didn't have to go back 'till 2007. Spent a few days in New Jersey with my friends and family for Christmas. Went for a jog on Christmas day only to find out my knee can't take running. Guess winter running is out of the question this year. Then drove down to West Virginia and spent a week with Tara and her family. Saw an Orthepedic doctor and confirmed I have tendonitis in my knee. Anti-Inflamatorys (Celebrex), icing my knee down, and rest is the answer. We'll, active rest in this case.

January: Back to the daily grind on the 3rd. Should have taken more days off. Its been tough. Esp with all the personal things I'm dealing with right now. The past couple of weeks have been tough but I'm trying to stay busy to help myself. That results in more riding and preparing on a good '07 season. Monday is my day of rest. Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent in the gym. Wednesday nights are the mtb rides with the Mazaaways and company. I'm reserving Fridays for light trainer spinning in my basement or working on my house (ie: more interior painting). Weekends will be spent out riding on the road or snowboarding (not really given the lack of snow in Vermont).

My left knee is bothersome again. Guess I shouldn't have ridden as hard as I did this past Wednesday. I'm resting 'till next Wednesday and will take it easy. I'd rather risk losing part of a base now for a stronger knee mid-season.


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