Tuesday, September 05, 2006

shenandoah mtn 100 (part1)

Just got back from a weekend down in Virginia and West Virginia (now I know why I went to school down there). It started with visiting the best girlfriend ever and ended with a 100mile mountain bike race through the Shenandoah Mountains (on a singlespeed).

To sum up the race: difficult. Probably more difficult than the Wilderness 101 due to a larger portion of the course being rocky, off-camber singletrack. Or maybe because I chose a harder gear ratio (2:1 ratio versus 1.78:1)? Physically I was okay but did suffer pain in my right knee early on in the race (eventually went away) and mentally fell apart around mile 75-80 but regained composure with 15miles to go. Dropped my chain around mile 15 and was afraid it would be a re-occuring theme. Lucky for me the chain never fell off again.

I finished in under 11hours and not that far off from my Wilderness 101 time. My body is sore and every muscle (including ones you never thought you have) are achy (the 7+ hour drive home didn't help much).

I'll write more tomorrow.


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