Friday, August 25, 2006

new bikes, upcoming race(s), poison ivy

Been a few weeks since I've done anything. Mainly because I've been putting in 15hr days at work. That has passed and I'm back to riding my bike across Hartford to work every day. Got a nasty case of poison ivy and the doctor said I had strep throat too (but I felt 100% fine). That went away, did some yard work at the parents' house in NJ and the poison ivy came back. doh! Back to battling that with what I refer to as "my steroid creme". Yeah, its a topical steroid creme to kill the poison ivy. Not enough to get into my system and make me a faster rider though (we don't want that anyway).

This weekend is Winsted Woods, a 4 lap 4miles per lap race. Decided to race my singlespeed in the Expert 19-29 y/o class. Thats the class I race my geared bike in. We'll see how much of an ass kicking it'll be (I'll most likely be the recepient). Tim put it good last year by saying "its like bringing a knive to a gunfight". We'll see how things go on Sunday. It isn't the best preparation for a 100mile race but it will at least get me back into racing after taking almost 3 weeks off.

Saturday is a Hartford Alleycat. For those of you unsure what I mean... a big scavenger hunt through Hartford on bikes. Fastest person wins. They are always fun. I learned the streets of New Haven by racing in a few Alleycats. good times. good times.

New addition to the arsenal. Late '90s / Early '00s GT Track bike with full Dura Ace components including tubular tires! Should arrive next week. I'm stoked.


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