Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mount Washington

Listed as one of the toughest New England bicycle climbs. I'm doing it on Sunday the 17th.
Some specs on the AutoRoad:
4,727ft vertical rise
7.6miles long
11.9% average grade
22% max grade (at the very top)
fastest male time is 49min 24sec set by Tom Danielson in 2002

I finished in 1hour 33minutes. Weather was overcast below the treeline, about 79degF and humid. Above the treeline it was sunny with a periodic breeze and about 70degF.

I averaged around 75 to 80rpm in gears 22front-25rear and 22front-27rear. 160-170bpm and an average speed of around 5 to 6mph.

Went out pretty fast at first and paid for it around mile 3. As Phil Liggit would say, I 'cracked'. Not to mention I almost threw up the banana I had while warming up. A few short bursts out of the saddle helped me recover and I was back at it again. The hardest part was between mile 4 and 5. That was the transition through the treeline. The road also turned to dirt and got pretty steep. Felt like the longest mile ever. Esp because I could see pretty far up the mountain and was like "F**k, the summit is so far away".

The last two switchbacks were the 22% grade and I was confused..... Do I stand out of the saddle and ride it? Or so I stay in the saddle and see what I can do? Either way hurt a lot and that is what confused me. The key was taking them really wide. The first one I stood up for half of the switchback and then was able to muscle through the rest of it in the saddle. The second one I just stayed in the saddle and muscled over it. I think the finish line being 20ft way mentally helped me get through those switchbacks.

time to go back to bed.


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